Functions and Responsibilities

   OFFICE OF EDUCATIONAL TESTING AND QUALITY ASSURANCE is responsible for (1)counseling, advising and recommending to the Board of Rectors on possible solutions to the issues of educational testing and quality assurance and quality assessment at the USSH; (2)implementing all the specific tasks concerning educational testing and quality assurance and quality assessment at the USSH.


 For educational testing


  • Organizing all the tasks in references to educational testing;


  • Counseling the Board of Rectors how to make up topics/questions for different kinds of exams for all the official subjects related to the students’ general knowledge as well as to determine appropriate forms of educational testing at a certain period of time;


  • Coordinating with faculties/departments with the purpose of organizing mid-term and final exams: making up topics/questions for the exams, copying, monitoring, giving marks as well as storing exam topics/questions and test results;


  • Coordinating with faculties/departments to set up a bank of topics/questions for all the subjects, firstly for general knowledge, in order to improve and develop exam forms for faculties’ training requirements aimed at enhancing assessment performance and training quality;


  • Building exam processes and organizing mid-term, final and graduate exams.



For quality assurance


  • Building and monitoring activities of the internal system of quality assurance at the USSH, guiding and checking quality assessment at the institutional and programme levels for undergraduate and (post)graduate training;


  • Designing criteria for quality assessment at the USSH;


  • Carrying out internal assessment activities revolving both the institutional level and programme level;


  • Monitoring and evaluating teaching and learning processes at the USSH;


  • Designing and revising guidelines and/or tools for self-assessment (such as questionnaires, survey forms, statistic lists, etc.);


  • Organizing training courses for the teaching and non-teaching staff, providing them with knowledge of quality assurance and self-assessment (also called internal assessment) and external assessment;


  • Participating in peer assessment among members of VNU-HCM and external assessment requested by MOET and AUN.
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